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                About Us

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                Nanjing DongRi import and export trade Co., LTD(NJDR), founded in June, 2003, is specialized in import and export chemicals to domestic and oversea market. NJDR mainly import chemicals from well-known worldwide companies and promote the products to domestic market with independent research.

                Our products include bio-enzymes, micro-biological additives, Optical brighteners, involved in environmental micro-biological additives industry, cleaning industry, water treatment industry, construction industry, etc.

                NJDR is in well integration of production, trading, R&D, warehousing and logistics, establishing long-term business relation with many well-known companies in the world, such as Novozymes (NJDR is their Chinese exclusive agent for all the micro-biological additives and distributor of  bio-enzymes in east and central China market.), 3V, Eastman, Tokokosen, FMC, etc and wining well reputation in international trading field.

                NJDR is specialized in cleaning industry. We not only have close relation with Novozymes, 3V, Sigma, etc, but also establish the long-term business relation with many well-known companies of cleaning industry in domestic market. ,In addition, we also help customers to customize a number of special detergent products.

                The headquater of NJDR is located in National Science Park of Nanjing University of Technology. We build a R&D center together with the university. Our sales network cover the whole country.

                Address: B1212 Technoloy and Innovation Building, Nanjing University of Technology, No.5 New Model Rd, Nanjing 210009 China